A GIAN Course On IoT Platform For Smart City By NIT Trichy | Registration Open(Dec 7- 11)

GIAN Course On IoT Platform :

NIT is organizing or conducting a GIAN Course on the Internet Of Things (IoT) platform for the smart city. The course detail and registration link discussed further below in the article.

NIT Trichy or NITT popularly known as National Institute Of Technology, Tiruchirappalli it’s also called Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli, is a public technical and research university that is nearby the city of Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, India. It is India’s one of the oldest, most selective, and most prestigious technical universities, founded in 1964.

GIAN Course On IoT Platform :

About :

in addition, the duration of the course is from December 7 to 11,2020. This conducted By NIT Trichy. The course offers a general IoT platform to deploy for a smart city application which includes smart transportation, smart parking, and smart utility, and smart surveillance.

The participant in this course will learn these topics through lectures and so as hands-on experiments all day. The participants will also get case studies and assignments will be share to stimulate the research motivation of participants.

Modules of the Course:
  1. firstly On 07th Dec 2020 Internet of things (IoT) and IoT Architecture.
  2. secondly on 08th Dec 2020 Network Layers in IoT and IoT sensor node prototype.
  3. thirdly on 09th Dec 2020 Machine Learning for IoT and Hardware-Software co-design.
  4. fourthly on 10th Dec 2020 IoT solution for smart city and Fundamentals of the smart surveillance system.
  5. fifth on 11th Dec 2020 you will get to know the application of video surveillance in smart cities and introduction to smart surveillance systems using python and OpenCV.
Target Audience :

However you should attend the course only if :

  • Most Important point, if you are an engineer or research scientist interested in IoT, Smart Surveillance Systems, sensors, and smart cities.
  • you certainly work in the industry that deals with (IoT) and IoT Architecture, IoT solution for a smart city.
  • You as a student or faculty form an academic institution interested in learning to conduct research on IoT and Smart Surveillance Systems.
Course Fee :

For participation fees for the course is an follows :

  1. The abroad participants fees: US $500.
  2. Research/Industry Organization fees: INR 10,00.
  3. Academic Institution fees: INR 3,000
  4. Student/scholar fees : INR 2,500.

All instructional materials, computer use for tutorials and assignment, laboratory equipment usage, and internet facility included in the above fee. Accommodation will be provided to the participants so as payment based.

Regestration process

For the course,to be register online click here.


Email ID: varun@nitt.edu

For full notification, click the link below.

GIAN Course on IoT Platform for Smart City by NIT Trichy.

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