IIT Madras Recruitment 2021 | as Mechanica 2021- Technical Fest

IIT Madras Recruitment 2021: MEA, the largest of its kind at IIT Madras. The fest was started as a humble attempt to strengthen the foundations of mechanical students and pave a way for them to understand theory in the context of real life, with a glistening variety of contests and events. The detailed IIT Madras criteria and IIT Madras application form apply online process for IIT Madras off campus drive further given below in the article.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras is Best Institute for higher education in India. It is a public technical and research university located in Chennai.

IIT Madras Recruitment 2021:

  • Desmod: Desmod is an arena to showcase your 3D modeling skills. Everything begins with idea, ideas provokes imagination, imaginations thrives for improvement and all these together with proper implementations makes dynamic geniuses. And Desmod is the stage where all these creative geniuses compete and excel.
  • IDP: IDP is an effort to acquaint students with the perplexing real life; problems faced by the industry at the same time eliciting the most novel and innovative solutions out of them.
  • Paper Presentation
  • Case Study
  • Ideas Challenge: MECHANICA 2021 brings you Ideas Challenge, which gives you a chance; to compete with several other enthusiasts for finding the best solution of challenging real life problems. The questionnaire will consist of 5 Challenges and you along with your teammates can pick one challenge to solve in a limited time.
  • Mech Basics: Get technical and solve some questions which cover the absolute basics of mechanical.
  • Math Quiz: Mechanica 2021 brings you Math Quiz; which provide you a platform to compete with best problem solvers and geta chance to win cash prizes.
  • Mecha Trivia: MECHANICA-2021 brings you Mech Trivia in which you will be amazed at how much more you can learn through our awesome Mech Trivia
  • How to Crack Interviews and Public Speaking Lecture.

Interested candidates can register via this page.


Dev Sunder T
Contact Number: 9182733246
Email Id: me17b169[at]smail.iitm.ac.in, tdeva32[at]gmail.com

R Manikanta
Contact Number: 9493534350
Email Id: rupavathmanikanta[at]gmail.com

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