Lema Labs Online Class | on Machine Learning [Apr 10; 10 AM]

Lema Labs Online Class: So, Lema Labs (Incubated at IIT Madras), is offering a Free Demo Session on Machine Learning on April 10, 2021. Learn the basics and essentials of Machine Learning from Pawan Gnana Raj, Head of Engineering at Lema Labs. The detailed Lema Labs criteria and Lema Labs application form apply online process for Lema Labs off-campus drive further given below in the article.

So, Kedar graduated from IIT Madras. He heads execution at Lema Labs. He is also the founder of HyperVerge and Computer Vision Group at IIT Madras. He loves long hours at office, bike trips, good food and yoga.

Lema Labs Online Class:

  • What is AI & ML?
  • Types of ML
  • How we could make learning ML concepts simple & fun
  • How ML could help in your career
  • Know more about the 13 weeks ML course

The online demo session is free of cost. To register for the session, the further belwo link


To Apply: click here. [adcode]

The online session on Machine Learning will be held on April 10, 2021, from 10 AM onwards.


Phone Number: +91 9543425898/ +91 8056603335

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