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Lema Labs Online Course: Lema Labs (Incubated at IIT Madras), invites applications for its Online Certificate Course on Machine Learning. The detailed Deloitte Internship criteria and Deloitte Internship application form; apply online process for Deloitte Internship further given below in the article.

So, Kedar graduated from IIT Madras. He heads execution at Lema Labs. He is also the founder of HyperVerge and Computer Vision Group at IIT Madras. He loves long hours at the office, bike trips, good food, and yoga. We are an initiative founded by IIT Alumni under the guidance of faculty members of IIT Madras. We are striving to build an ecosystem for emerging technologies such as Robotics, IoT & Machine Learning by providing support to stakeholders which include the student community, educational institutions, and the industry.

Lema Labs Online Course:

Course Highlights
  • Gain very clear intuition on ML Models
  • Instructor-led & Inspiring peer support
  • Active trainer support to ensure complete understanding
Course Outcomes
  1. Learn python programming & ML from fundamentals
  2. Work on real-world problems
  3. Build your career profile in AI and ML
  4. Get into jobs and internships in this field
Course Modules
  • Week 1: Intro to AI & ML & Linear Regression
  • Week 2: Logistics Regression & Classification
  • Week 3: Multivariate Linear Regression
  • Week 4: K Nearest Neighbour
  • Week 5: Decision Tree
  • Week 6: Naive Bayes
  • Week 7: Ensemble Techniques
  • Week 8 & 9: Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Week 10: Assessment & Projects
  • Week 11: Neural Networks
  • Week 12: Unsupervised Learning & K Means
  • Week 13: Capstone Projects and Career Guidance
Who can Apply?
  1. College Students who want to get into AI/ ML-related fields.
  2. Graduates who want to get a job in AI/ ML.
  3. Working professionals who want to shift to AI/ ML.
  4. Executives who want to build AI/ ML teams.
Course Fee

The course fee is Rs. 17,000/- (inclusive of 18% GST).


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