NIT Rourkela Recruitment 2021 | For HackNITR 2.0 Hackathon

NIT Rourkela Recruitment 2021: HackNITR 2.0 is one of a kind hackathon brought to you by OpenCode and DSC NIT Rourkela.  The detailed NIT Rourkela criteria and NIT Rourkela application form apply online process for NIT Rourkela off campus drive further given below in the article.

NIT Rourkela is incredibly thrilled to share with you that the second edition of our hackathon, HackNITR 2.0 is all set to kickstart on 19th March 2021. The hackathon will comprise 36 hours of intense hacking, creativity, and innovation by hundreds of students from technical institutes around the country, coupled with fun and refreshing mini-events and games!

NIT Rourkela Recruitment 2021:

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to apply, any student developer, designer, working professionals or creative individuals, who are passionate about creating to join. If you can innovate or just want to have a fun weekend, you are eligible.

  • Social Good: Society cannot exist without incessant and necessary changes, and these changes best brought about by who else other than budding hackers? It’s not just an interesting field to contribute to but also a sense of responsibility for the human being you are and putting your mind in something which may well make this society a better place to live around. This is a chance to showcase your skills and present your hacks revolving around anything that can do this society a collective good in one way or the other!
  • Fun & Entertainment: This track covers the fun and entertainment side of your creativity, and lets you dive into a world of immense opportunities; of traversing your favourite stuff while adding some innovative touch to it. The fun and entertainment category desires you to present your hacks which may well used for making your head light,; or a tweak of excitement in a wearisome period, or just somethingfunny and entertaining” to people around!
  • Old Hacks: One always has something lying behind and beneath that one wants to bring into the spotlight; and let the world know of their capabilities. This segment is for bringing the gem of your projects out of the inventory that you’ve already worked; upon in the past, and put some light to it. It can revolve around anything, and would be great to showcase your development as a sprouting hacker!
  • Open Innovation: The ‘Make anything’ category of our event; asks for the hacks which advance a whole new idea out from the grassroots level. The hacks need to be offering some ingenious ideas over any field they; are directed towards and will bring the best out of one’s hacking artistry. As we know, everyone wants this world to be a more convenient and easier place to live in; and your innovations can prove to be an essential catalyst in precisely that!
More Events

In addition to this, we are also having plentiful workshop and talks by various speakers and instructors some of which are

  • Keynote speech – Siddhant Agarwal (Program Coordinator with the Developer Relations team at Google, India)
  • System Designs for Hackathons – Gaurav Sen (Interview Ready founder)
  • Talk by Program Manager at Github Education – Juan Pablo (Student Program Manager at GitHub)
  • Building for Next Billion Users – Nikita Gandhi (Community Manager, Google developers)
  • Experiences of Apple Engineer and Julia Community Manager – Logan Kilpatrick.
  • Headstart to Competitive Programming – Sanket Singh (SDE at LinkedIn, Educator at CodeChef)
  • AWS for developers – Suman Debnath( Principal Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services)
  • Talk on “What makes me excited being a developer” – Michael Paulson a.k.a ThePrimeagen (Youtuber, Developer at Netflix)

Interested candidates can register here.

  • Total Prizes worth INR 8 Lakh +
  • Free Exclusive swags for all the participants.
  • AWS Credits worth ~INR 54000
  • Internship Opportunities @Sashido
  • Prizes for building an app using Matic, Tezos and Portis Technologies
  • Exciting sponsored track prizes spanning across ML, Blockchain
  • An Overall prize for an all-women team to encourage women participation in the tech field.

Email: organiser[at]


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